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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
198943561481351293173698Anthony CookEast Burwood2018/2019B Grade7 2Forest Hill
29712220221481351295330597Joel AnokhEast Burwood2018/2019Dorothy McIntosh Shield1 1Blackburn
3833388111481351293173183Anthony La SalaEast Burwood2018/2019B Grade6 1Yarraleen CC
4746087001481351309506674Damian CupidoEast Burwood2018/2019Twenty20 ANZ Bank Shield3 1Wyclif
5731272991481351309991873Joshua WebbEast Burwood2018/2019Twenty20 Storage King Mitcham Shield3 1Park Orchards
6661272991481351295333266Joshua WebbEast Burwood2018/2019Dorothy McIntosh Shield5 1Forest Hill
766224411481351295327566Robert BartlettEast Burwood2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield7 1Kerrimuir United
8613669411481351293173761Gehan RanasingheEast Burwood2018/2019B Grade8 1Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
96018024331481351295324260Dhanusha I AndrahalugeEast Burwood2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield2 1Vermont
10586087001481351309506158Damian CupidoEast Burwood2018/2019Twenty20 ANZ Bank Shield1 1Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
11573357261481351293173757Simon PickburnEast Burwood2018/2019B Grade8 1Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
12553901211481351300368155*Sebastian HoganEast Burwood2018/2019I Grade11 1Templestowe
13533669411481351293171953Gehan RanasingheEast Burwood2018/2019B Grade3 1Forest Hill
14517052931481351295332451Adam DaleyEast Burwood2018/2019Dorothy McIntosh Shield4 1Deakin
15503388141481351300342850*Jason MayEast Burwood2018/2019G Grade5 1Park Orchards
16503901211481351300365150*Sebastian HoganEast Burwood2018/2019I Grade4 1Deakin
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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